Architecture – The Process

One architects Process – and the delights that come with it

One of the biggest delights in being an Architect is helping peopling throughout the way toward enhancing their homes. Homes are the most immediate and immersive experience a great many people have of structures and the longing to enhance our surroundings is at the heart of what Architecture is really going after. Making enhancements to homes is consequently an exceptionally individual affair and we are happy to help individuals through this procedure.

From the beginning of each project, we start becoming acquainted with our customers. This helps us to understand their preferences, aversions, trusts and goals. Spatial necessities can be quickly known, however, it is essential to pick up a comprehension of individuals’ more amorphous goals. Great configuration addresses how individuals live, and how they need to live, which is different for everybody. The brief is consequently a prescriptive arrangement of prerequisites, as well as an arrangement of qualities, against which plans are tried.

Contemporary Home Extension

Creative design is an iterative procedure, which is carried completely throughout the design brief, and it must stay adaptable and responsive. How we communicate with customers makes utilisation of reference pictures, a few customers like portrayals, and others appreciate virtual models. As a rule, a specific level of confidence is in truth put into the drawn recommendations, and it is just when the work starts that the changes truly become animated.

At the point when a task moves into the development stage, the basic leadership process moves from a key level to a much bigger level. The other massive change, obviously, it is at this stage that the client proposals abruptly turn out to be a great deal more substantial. Being available all throughout this part of the process, it allows us to help customers cross the decisions that this presents, as the configuration keeps on developing.

After the changes are made and the outlined procedure is finished, it is to a great degree fulfilling to see the result of every one of these choices. Having became acquainted with our customers, to see how they need to live, a definitive test of our work is to see them make the most of their enhanced home. As Architects, we actually have an energy for structures and we adore improving them. Most importantly, however, we appreciate doing this to have a genuine effect for distinctive individuals.
Douglas Strachan Chartered Architect

Douglas Strachan is a Dalkeith Based Architect near Edinburgh. He runs the Architecture firm Douglas Strachan Architects.

Being a little more Eco-Friendly

We all love a glass of water, but we waste so much more water than we really should.

Here are some tips on ensuring to keep a little more eco-friendliness with your water bills.

Taps that drip

Repair your dripping taps. They make an annoying noise in the middle of the night – it keeps me up. But apart form that they waste a lot of water. Did you know that a dripping tap can waste up to 15 litres of water per day? or if you want a yearly how does 5,500 sound. Ok, so some basic home DIY will help you here.

Shorter Showers

As much as I hate to say it, have shorter showers. I love a shower, like LOVE a shower. I can stand in the shower happily for 20 minutes, but that’s not very eco-friendly. The amount of waste water is massive, and even just shortening your shower by a minute will help you boost energy savings. A shower can use anything from between 6 – 45 litres of water every minute. So I am happily using anything from between 120 – 900 litres of water for each shower….and I have about 3 a day…

A beautiful basement shower room

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

It’s just habit to leave it running, but if you can turn it off in-between brushes you can save up-to 12 litres per brush.

Zucchetti single lever basin taps, chrome

Really we should all be looking to new technologies for finding ways to make our homes a little more eco friendly. Water is just one area that we can make some massive savings on, even if we just change our habits a little bit.


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